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В коллекции собраны фанфики по фандому Гарри Поттер
Подписчиков: 216 | Владелец: severina28 | Cоздана: 14 ноября 2016
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3   21.10.2018    fanfiction.net   
Harry Potter wasn't stupid nor naive. He grew up having to look out for himself. Why would that suddenly change in the Wizarding World? But a snake in lion's clothing wouldn't reveal itself until it was to late to stop him. He wanted freedom, and he would get it. No matter what Dumbledore, the Ministry or Voldemort might think. Alternate from Order of the Phoenix
Добавлен в коллекцию 19 октября в 08:48
   Автор: White Angel of Auralon
Фандом: Harry Potter
Размер: 347 Кб
Статус: Закончен

Years at War, Part 1: Triwizard Warfare 

1   01.04.2011    fanfiction.net   
Harry forges his own path, turning to the Goblins of Gringotts for aid in the Triwizard Tournament? HP/HrG. Character Death! Written with realism, blood, and violence. Based on "Can't Have It Both Ways," by Robst. Used with permission. Sequel UP!
Добавлен в коллекцию 16 октября в 00:30
   Автор: Eristarisis
Фандом: Harry Potter
Размер: 507 Кб
Статус: Закончен

This time we do it right 

6   22.10.2012    fanfiction.net   
AU redo 4th year fic Harry Potter, his wife and daughter go back in time to make a better future stong/independent!Harry HP/DG - complete
Добавлен в коллекцию 14 октября в 23:49
   Автор: Tostie
Фандом: Harry Potter
Размер: 448 Кб
Статус: Закончен

Harry Potter and the Betrothal Contract 

42   18.03.2010    fanfiction.net   
It's been done, but here's my shot at the old Marriage Contract type story. Harry and Daphne Greengrass find out their parents put together a marriage contract when they were born, now they must deal with it.
Добавлен в коллекцию 7 октября в 04:47
   Автор: James Spookie
Фандом: Harry Potter
Размер: 804 Кб
Статус: Закончен


3   02.05.2015    fanfiction.net   
Harry makes unexpected friends in his fourth year, when his friends and his housemates abandon him. Hestia and Flora, daughters of some of Voldemort's most sadistic enforcers, know what its like to live in fear. In this unlikely relationship, the three plot to bring down Voldemort and escape the society that tried to destroy them. Dark, violent, potential H/H/F pairing
Добавлен в коллекцию 18 сентября в 20:11
   Автор: TheGirlWithFarTooManyIdeas
Фандом: Harry Potter
Размер: 157 Кб
Статус: Закончен

The Green in the Grey 

2   14.04.2018    fanfiction.net   
A prophecy left unfulfilled, a family torn apart by repercussions of war and one child left to a life of neglect. But there were those not content to allow this to pass. Harry Potter may have been abandoned at the end of the war but he will rise to be more than any could have imagined. Minimal bashing, rated M for violence etch. Harry/Tonks, James/Lily Main plot begins GOF
Добавлен в коллекцию 18 сентября в 03:06
   Автор: TheBlack'sResurgence
Фандом: Harry Potter
Размер: 285 Кб
Статус: В процессе

Back Again? Siriusly? 

3   03.09.2018    fanfiction.net   
The concept of the 'do-over' is used in, at the very least, hundreds of Harry Potter stories. Here's my own take, using a HP character that actually has a good reason for getting another chance to make things better.
Добавлен в коллекцию 12 сентября в 17:52
   Автор: Manchester
Фандом: Harry Potter
Размер: 518 Кб
Статус: В процессе

Большая игра (джен)

151   1   02.09.2018    ficbook.net   
В каком фэндоме вы хотите сыграть?

Выберите свой пол.

Выберите статус крови.

Выберите мировоззрение.

Создание персонажа завершено. Приятной игры!
Добавлен в коллекцию 6 сентября в 08:51
   Автор: Alteara
Фандом: Гарри Поттер
Персонажи: Гарри Поттер, Драко Малфой, Сириус Блэк, ОЖП, ОМП
Рейтинг: PG-13
Жанры: Юмор, Драма, Фэнтези, Мистика, AU, Мифические существа, Учебные заведения, Попаданцы, Дружба
Размер: Макси | 1041 Кб
Статус: В процессе

Harry Potter with the Power the Dark Lord Knows Not 

8   13.02.2017    archiveofourown.org   
After a summer spent attending Quidditch World Cup games and tutoring sessions, Harry returns to Hogwarts for his fourth year of schooling with plans to study hard, have fun, play Quidditch and become an animagus. Too bad there's a Tournament that gets in the way. The fourth (and final) part in my series, 'Harry Potter in the Claw of the Raven'.
Добавлен в коллекцию 31 августа в 10:30
   Автор: BakenandEggs
Персонажи: Daphne Greengrass/Harry Potter
Размер: 1071 Кб
Статус: Закончен

Rebirth of the Founders 

2   16.09.2018    fanfiction.net   
The Founders found a way of putting powerful safeguards into their bloodlines. Now, as Harry faces off against the shade of Tom Riddle and the basilisk inside the Chamber of Secrets, the Sorting Hat causes one of those safeguards to activate. The result means Harry Potter is now Salazar Slytherin and the most misunderstood Founder is the Boy-Who-Lived.
Добавлен в коллекцию 26 августа в 09:34
   Автор: DaSalvatore
Фандом: Harry Potter
Размер: 687 Кб
Статус: В процессе

The Best Revenge 

7   10.09.2011    fanfiction.net   
AU. Yes, the old Snape retrieves Harry from the Dursleys formula. I just had to write one. Everything changes, because the best revenge is living well. T for Mentor Snape's occasional naughty language. Supportive Minerva. Over three million hits!
Добавлен в коллекцию 24 августа в 05:56
   Автор: Arsinoe de Blassenville
Фандом: Harry Potter
Размер: 1189 Кб
Статус: Закончен

Потерянный герой (джен)

35   23.08.2018    ficbook.net   
Великий Светлый продумал всё до мелочей, но не учёл одного - одна ненавидящая магию маггла не собирается идти на поводу у старого манипулятора.
Добавлен в коллекцию 23 августа в 19:51
   Автор: Queen_Karolin.I
Фандомы: Роулинг Джоан «Гарри Поттер», Гарри Поттер
Персонажи: Гарри Поттер
Рейтинг: PG-13
Жанры: Фэнтези, AU, Учебные заведения
Размер: Миди | 99 Кб
Статус: Закончен

The Patronus 

3   11.08.2018    fanfiction.net   
A different twist makes an AU story.
Добавлен в коллекцию 21 августа в 03:11
   Автор: Jestrbob
Фандом: Harry Potter
Размер: 348 Кб
Статус: Закончен

Courage and Cunning 

3   15.08.2018    fanfiction.net   
Salazar Slytherin has had enough of Dumbledore and Voldemort's stupidity, so on October 31, 1981 he decides to put a stop to the wizarding war. Things do not go according to plan. He loses his memories, but 10 years later he regains them when he gets a familiar letter. Bashing of some characters at first, but it gets better. A twist to the Harry is Salazar genre. More inside...
Добавлен в коллекцию 20 августа в 15:01
   Автор: preciousann
Фандом: Harry Potter
Размер: 2834 Кб
Статус: В процессе

The Muggle Schoolteacher 

3   16.08.2018    fanfiction.net   
Dumbledore had plans for Harry Potter. He wanted a martyr that didn't care for his own life. He needed the boy neglected and craving affection to be successful. However, he forgot to take into account how resourceful muggles can be. Especially when a young teacher wants to save one of her students from an abusive home. Manipulative Dumbledore. Abused!Harry. Ron, Molly, Ginny Bash.
Добавлен в коллекцию 14 августа в 20:14
   Автор: NyghtWalker
Фандом: Harry Potter
Размер: 311 Кб
Статус: В процессе

One Thread Pulled 

6   05.02.2018    fanfiction.net   
That fateful night at Godric's Hollow, Lily Potter survives. With the help of Sirius and Remus she decides to take Harry away from Dumbledore's manipulations and goes to America. Fifteen years later Harry returns to fulfil his destiny. With the help of his friends and family, the Boy Who Lived will fight a very different battle this time. Powerful Harry! Manipulative Dumbledore!
Добавлен в коллекцию 14 августа в 07:07
   Автор: booklover1004
Фандом: Harry Potter
Размер: 512 Кб
Статус: В процессе

A Black Resurgence 

2   17.08.2018    fanfiction.net   
Arcturus Black, Head of the Black Family, manages to free Sirius after only two years in prison. Free, though still believed to be a Death Eater by the public, Sirius raises Harry. As he deals with the aftermath of the war and Azkaban, Sirius begins re-evaluating his world view. He ran away from the pureblood world he was born into, believing it to be evil and wrong. But was it?
Добавлен в коллекцию 8 августа в 03:36
   Автор: AlexMurray11235
Фандом: Harry Potter
Размер: 213 Кб
Статус: В процессе

If I Knew the Consequences I Wouldn't Have Done it 

3   05.05.2018    fanfiction.net   
Harry is surprised by the side effects of having saved Ginny in the chamber. Turns out people he trusted were lying to him. There were many people who wouldn't have done what they did if they could forsee the consequences of their actions and Harry's reactions.
Добавлен в коллекцию 7 августа в 01:25
   Автор: raspberry dreams
Фандом: Harry Potter
Размер: 629 Кб
Статус: В процессе

Vivre et Laisser Mourir 

3   02.03.2018    fanfiction.net   
Magical Britain has neglected and abused him, and now they're on their own.
Добавлен в коллекцию 5 августа в 21:57
   Автор: W Arcturus Black
Фандом: Harry Potter
Размер: 173 Кб
Статус: В процессе

Be Careful of What You Wish For 

2   18.06.2018    archiveofourown.org   
What if Severus Snape got his wish and Harry got suspended at the end of his first year?
Добавлен в коллекцию 5 августа в 17:51
   Автор: elvirakitties
Персонажи: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Размер: 184 Кб
Статус: В процессе
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