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Death 28:

I encountered a young girl after gaining revenge upon my recent serial murderer. A precocious lass named Violetta, more willing to talk to outsiders than most in this foul city. It seems her mother, Viola, has wandered off somewhere in search of a forgetful husband. I have graciously offered to deliver a music box to the woman if I meet her. I can always return it to the residence if I have no luck in my search.

The fact that she identified me as a hunter by scent indicates I may need to obtain some kind of cologne to mask the ever present gore. Bathing in Yharnam remains a non-option.

Death 29:


So I have decided to have a little celebration.


Because I have now died more times than I have had birthdays. Sure, one might think that celebrating such a morbid occasion isn't the done thing. But I counter that not seeing the brighter side of things will lead me into a spiral of depression over my situation. Depression is so passé.

The Doll thinks this is a wonderful idea. She has told me that some of the previous hunters could too easily fall into a rut. While I have not been able to obtain a cake or drinks (other than blood), I have however found a deck of cards. I wonder if I can teach the Messengers how to play poker. Can't have a good game with out at least four players.

Death 30:

I have avenged myself on rats, crows, the disgorging dead, and even that blasted swine.

Bolstered by my successes, I confidently advanced on a party of Yharnhamites patrolling the Great Bridge which purportedly leads to the Cathedral Ward.

In my focused state, I did not notice the flaming boulder.

I need to work on my situational awareness.

Death 31:

After barely surviving a pair of overly hairy locals and discovering an elevator which would have made my entire sewer journey needless, I met a very interesting fellow.

He killed me.

Death 32:

After having a brief conversation with Gehrman, he identified the dapper death-dealer in the wide brimmed hat as one Father Gascoigne. He is a relatively well known Hunter, though I had taken a guess at such after a familiar and over-large axe was lodged in my skull. Apparently Hunters going off the deep end is an occupational hazard of which I shall have to be mindful.

That his name matches the inscription on the music box does not speak well for young Violetta's future. I would prefer not to have to kill the girl's father, but he is blocking the path to the Cathedral and from what I have been told, is unlikely to regain his sanity.

Death 33:

So, I have learned a new trick. With the correct timing, one can stagger an opponent with gunfire, leaving them wide open for a vicious attack to their soft underbelly. Gascoigne demonstrated this technique on me quite effectively.

Death 34:

I am not sure I'll be able to be calm around tombstones for some time. It is rather difficult to avoid the sharp blade of a Hunter's axe while dodging into one.

Death 35:

Cheat! I cry foul! Turning into a gargantuan beast as soon as I have the upper hand is just plain unsporting!

Death 36:

In my haste to avoid a savage blow, I dropped the music box. The pleasant tune distracted Gascoigne for moment. Alas, it also distracted me.

Death 37:

I have redefined the meaning of Deja Vu. If one were to look in the Hunter's Dictionary, Fifth Edition, you would find the following:

Deja Vu: The experience of being Archibald Fenwick.


Success! I have slain the Beastly Hunter!

Onwards to Odeon Chapel!

Additional Addendum:

I am a monster. I have made an orphan of poor Violetta.

I discovered the body of her mother nearby, seemingly slain by Gascoigne in his madness.

There is an attendant at the Chapel however, who has offered up the building as a safe haven of sorts. Perhaps I can escort her here so that at least she can be safe from the beasts roaming the streets.

Would that I could bring her to the Dream. I am sure she would like the Doll, and the Doll would be a most caring surrogate.

Death 38:

I had forgotten about that particular citizen.

Death 39:

Good News:

I managed to escort Violetta and her older sister Vanessa to the safety of the Chapel. They were understandably distraught over the loss of their parents. My inexperience in dealing with children was unlikely to have helped in softening the blow. Still, Vanessa has taken it as her duty to look after her sister and I shall do what I can to ensure beasts do not encroach on the Chapel grounds. I also dropped by to inform Gilbert of my progress. He has gifted my a marvellous contraption for slaying beasts with fire. I do hope that cough of his clears up.

Bad News:

It appears many members of the Healing Church have succumbed to the madness spreading through the city.

Neutral News:

I hadn't realised such a stylish cane could hurt so much. (с)DeviantD

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