Войти при помощи

Lucia Malfoy
4 декабря 2019
Aa Aa
Scarab 25.2

It was almost midnight. I made my way down to the common area, and seated myself at the computer. The others had fallen asleep, having stayed up following the Simurgh attack playing out on the larger monitors. The defending heroes had frozen the plane’s half-submerged wreckage and they were preparing quarantine measures.

I was wide awake. All this Endbringer talk brought up feelings inside me that I thought were long since buried. I hadn’t had a relapse in almost 24 hours. Well. I guess I was about to fall off the wagon.

I opened up chrome, clicked on the search bar, and typed: “Leviathan” - I glanced over my shoulder to make sure I was alone- “’s dick”

The leathery monstrosity filled my screen. My hand was down my pants within a fraction of a second, rubbing like Tom Hanks in Castaway trying to make a fire with two sticks.

More I thought. I erased the search bar and typed, one-handed “Behemoth’s dick.”

So many spikes…

My throat was dry, my heart was pounding. I had to chase this feeling. I expanded my search: “Behemoth’s dick X Alexandria” It was almost too much to take….almost.

Wow I thought, She really is invinceable….

At this point I was in a frenzy. My hand was moving so fast in my pants that my body was rumbling like a washing machine set to “heavy linens and towels, maximum spin.”

But it wasn’t enough. I needed just a bit more to get there. One more hit to put me over the top. I knew what I had to do….

Slowly, I cleared the search bar again and typed, one handed: “Simurgh’s dic-

4 декабря 2019