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Gud ivning, deer frends!..
Hear em I, with #my_english_literature end, my lovely Professor Sevvy Sneip, lord Prinz!.. I love, his oniks eys end, beatifool rooby lips, his skin is, so silk end, olive green es, Salasar's pants... End, his hair is very silk, be cause he, loves shampooing it, with soup extrakted of, hyppogrife's milk... We are, two masters of Potions end, we love to heve elot of, sex with us!..
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#my_emoji_literature #my_english_literature

Mion woz sitting near by the table and tchatelno zhevala 🥗 with excetera-virgen 🛢️.

— Excuz mi❗ Ai em… ваш новый 👨‍🏫 по англицкому лангуаге, — to the table cummed bootyfoll 👨 in black pidjak. He layed his 💪 on Mion`s had & shoulder. — Ai em ♎ in horoscope…

— Sorrey, ai dont ponimayu💢 English plize❗ — sad👄 Mion in excelland english langage.

Bootyfool man povtoril svoi worlds, butt Mion vse ravno didnt anderstent him🤧😢😭

— When you learned English cum to me and tolk again, — said shi. — Butt now excuz me, i have to be at 🕔 on my massage💆.
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Roman O
31 июля в 12:16
#подражание #my_english_literature

Mion woz at her kitchen in big castle that stands on the cliff near the sea. She toad her thoughts. Mion`s hurt woz in pain.
— What can ai do? — she opened big windou to look at the charmed view: blu wota and sand bitch. — What shuud ai do with Loboda?
— Good mornin, mai bootyfool love! — in kitchen voshol Loboda Hanjob. He woz lover of Mion`s. — Ai em starving. Can you cock me some thing?
— Ai dont cock! This is what sluzanki for! — blowed Mion.
— Sorey… Ai toad that after session of steamey sex you culd make me some meal, butt ai woz wrong. Why youre so angry?
— Ai think we shuud spit up! This cannot continue. Ai love my Proffesor Sneip.
— Dis cannot be throu… Your Proffesor is stydieing in Comebridge skull far away from you. Hes not around, butt ai em!
— Loboda, ai cunt steering at you right now! You shuud live immediately!
— Ai wont!
— You forced me… Carmelita, cum hear and and vuprovodi this man from my castle!
Big fat women commed in kitchen and took Loboda away.
Mion started to plakat`.
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Roman O
30 июля в 21:55
#подражание #my_english_literature

Mion debutante in the Great Hole. She woz wering blu platie with white risunki on it. Vse guys around wanned to dance and sex her.
Butt Mion is neprestupnaya. She sitting behind the table and waitening for Proffesor Sneip — her one and trolly love.

— Well, hello-hello my deer! — voskliknul Proffesor. — Ai`ve been vaiting for your all day to cum heare.
— Oh. Sorry for maiking you vait… — water dropped from delightfool eyes of Mion. — Ai hope thet ai zaglazu vinu before you.

Proffesor and hiz lover danced oll nitelong. They wear young and vlublennye and in Great Hole.

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My life, is very strange... I'm a virgen girl but, I want to heve a first sex, with my lawly Professor Sneip... My pearents, said me to learn hardlee, end work be cause, oure femily is aristokratikal honor, we heve elot of money, and titles of Earl... End, I love a magical Professor, from a children's book... My heart, is braking...
#my_english_literature #life_of_virgen_aristokrate
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Wendy Gloria Hole, it was the very beutifool girl, of the aristokrate femily, English neitive, ritch and intelligent... She lives on the palase end a round wos the big pice of ground, where is laying the garden of rose, wild forrest with different anymales, end a blue see with many sheeps in it... But, her pearents was conservated in traditions... Wendy wanted the sekret love with yung beutifool men, who can anderstand her sowl...
#my_english_literature #original #ebout_sexy_love
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I heve the big happy to be, the slim yung Lady with turkeys eyes, long hairs and beutifool fase!.. I was burn in Moscow, my family is very-very aristokrate end, I have elot of fan... My dreem's name is Professor Severus Sneip end, I hope to marry with him!..
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